Bulwark: The one man 'Hunt: Showdown' themed slam band - WATCH & LISTEN

Dylan Lee Wickwire: guitarist, vocalist, and internet renown 'King of the Milk' has recently graced fans of heavy music with an album from his new solo project Bulwark titled Hunt Slamdown: Reloaded


Sometimes you play a game so good that you just have to write a song about it. Well, Iowa based band Bulwark took it to a whole new level and wrote an entire album, delivering 10 devastating tracks filled with breakdowns to blasts and all of the slams in between.

Songs like Desalle slamdown and Banished hold no bars, providing non stop brutality with a touch of humour from the samples and the sheer heaviness. Where as songs like Resiliance and Slammers Blues take a shorter, unsweetened approach by coupling chunky chugs with melodies from the game.


From start to finish this album is a wild ride. Chock full off pig squeals, growls, and aggressive instrumentals, it just slaps.


Aside from Bulwark, Dylan also writes and plays guitar in a band called xHRVSTRx and runs his own tape dipping business called Dead End Tapes

You can check out the album, a playthrough for Banished, as well as keep up with the project through the various links below!



Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/BulwarkIA/

Youtube - https://youtube.com/user/SmoistOG

Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/artist/1LOZtrqCFjskoJDJ3Mr9Ti?si=d7l8G9VLQyecaAdRK-GjEw

Merch - XHRVSTRx.bigcartel.com

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