Buke And Gase Share Video For Title Track Of New Album 'Scholars' & Announce Tour

The date swiftly approaches for the new album, their first in almost 6 years, from New York duo Buke and Gase. 'Scholars', the long-awaited follow-up to 2013's 'General Dome', will be released January 18th via Brassland. They've previously shared 3 new songs off the album, displaying an uncompromisingly diverse aesthetic and sonic palette. Any previous attempts to pigeon-hole the band as a curio, a duo of experimental mad scientists with DIY instruments, is blown out of the water with these utterly unique, forward-thinking songs.

Their new album embraces a form of expression that is more concise, more emotional & less perverse in its uniqueness. They have embraced the same computer- and synthesizer-driven creative tools that make electronic music, pop and trap music function, while existing entirely in their own, fully imagined universe of sound.

Which brings us to today, when the band shares the album's title track and announces a slew of tour dates in Europe and the United States. Here's what singer Arone Dyer had to say about 'Scholars': "When I sing this, I picture a quintessential trouble child whose parents express a need for the control they know they don’t have. When I sing this, I picture being gaslit by a lover. When I sing this, I imagine myself bigger than I am, and growing, a crown of stars waits for me. When I sing this, my chest billows with a desire to believe that I will overcome my faults, even though the subtle judgment that I won’t by those I love compresses my spine, keeping me Earthbound. I extend this empathy to those whose truths aren’t yet recognized by contradictive social expectations."

BUKE AND GASE TOUR DATES: Mon. March 4 - Manchester, UK @ The Castle Tue. March 5 - London, UK @ The Lexington Wed. March 6 - Dublin, IE @ The Grand Social


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