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Born of Osiris w/ WCM, The Northern, The Healing - CONCERT REVIEW

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

Written and photographed by Kara Bradimore

On November 18th, 2018, I headed to London, Ontario, to photograph some wonderfully talented friends; the added bonus was the fact that Born Of Osiris were Headlining. Although Rum Runners was a new venue for me to shoot in, the location was welcoming and produced a great crowd before the music even began.

The first band to take the stage was The Healing, a progressive metal band that are local to London. These guys set the mood for the entire night. They had the audience hyped up and moving, there was a healthy line of people across the front of the stage right off the bat and some sang along.

The easy transitions between clean and rough vocals were fantastic, but each band member gave their all and played their instruments hard during their set. If you’re looking to get hyped up and headbang, The Healing is the band to check out.

All Photos of The Healing here & video clip below.

Next to perform was The Northern, a djent/metalcore group from Toronto, Ontario. I've had the privilege of seeing this band a few times, but that night they introduced a new bassist who blended perfectly into the band and took to his role as if he had always been there.

Playing a setlist of fan favourites, The Northern had quite a few fans in the room and started the nights first mosh pit. Tearing up the stage with their contagious energy, The Northern once again put on a fabulous set. If you're looking for some crazy energy and some songs to get stuck in your head, The Northern are the guys to check out.

All Photos of The Northern here & video clip below.

Next to play was Wind Cries Mary, a metal band who are also local to London, Ontario. I had seen this band perform once before and they blew my mind, so to have the media 'in' from them to see their live set again, plus shoot it was something I had been really looking forward to.

WCM has serious passion when they’re on stage; it didn't matter that it was a Sunday night, they played as if it were a Friday. They absolutely tore up the stage and there was captivating energy from every single member. They had fans from the front of the room right to the back of the room singing out, moshing and headbanging along with them. If you're looking for a memorable concert experience, they're the ones to check out. All Photos of Wind Cries Mary here & video clip below.

Headlining the night was Born of Osiris, a metal band from Chicago, Illinois. It may have been icy and cold outside, but these guys lit the stage on fire inside. The moment they appeared and took to their places, everyone went wild. I think maybe a mosh pit started before their first song kicked in.

Seriously though, Born of Osiris gave energy, power and serious appreciation to their fans. Getting right up in the front of the crowd, Ronnie took someones phone and gave it some live feed love for a moment.

There’s a reason they’re a headlining band, that’s for sure because nobody wanted the night to end and called of for an encore. These guys were very cool though and came back out to perform "The Accursed," which is their newest track released as a music video. Born Of Osiris put on a memorable set and if you haven’t checked them before, you should do that now. All Photos of Born Of Osiris here & video clip below.

Overall this was an amazing concert and if all of the shows in London are this great, well, I guess I'll just have to visit more frequently. Thanks to all of the bands for fantastic sets and to London Music Hall / Rum Runners for hosting.

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