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Barrie's 'Flight 97' Drops New Music Video!

Saturday, July 6th, 2019

Barrie-based pop-punk band Flight 97 have surprised us with a brand-new music video for their new single 'Overreact'!

Yesterday, fans were teased with a still shot from the video (below) and the caption "Tomorrow at 12pm be sure to check in with us!"

Still from Flight 97's new music video for 'Overreact'

The video was done by Jeff Burbridge of 4-Reel Media, who is also known for his work with other Barrie bands such as High Road Pilots, A Particle Apart, and All That's Left. The cinematography and concept are fantastic and suit the feel of the song.

'Overreact' is the third song released over the least year or so to build anticipation for Flight 97's upcoming album currently being recorded. The previous singles 'Surgery' and 'Never Again' have shown a continuation of the band's growth, while staying true to their pop-punk roots. 'Overreact' adds in emotional overtones and, at least in my mind, becomes increasingly unapologetic and even cathartic as the narrative progresses. After just a few listens, I found myself singing along to this catch tune!

Make sure to check out the video on the band's Facebook page HERE - it's well worth the watch! Also, take a look at the Spotify playlist called "What We Do" where F97 showcases hundreds of bands they have shared the stage with over the years!

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