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LINE-UP: Rob Van War - vocals Bill Kraweski - guitars Glenn Anthony - bass Jeff Patelski - drums

Pure Steel Records are excited to announce the world wide signing of Florida based Heavy Metal band ATTIKA!

First off will be the re-release of the critically acclaimed album "WHEN HEROES FALL" which was originally released in 1993 by Massacre Records. It was, at that point in time, the 2nd full length album by the band. This re-issue could possibly include bonus tracks of never before released music.

The re-issue will be followed by the bands first album of all new music in 26 years! The new ATTIKA album will be titled "METAL LANDS". This anticiapted new album will drop in 2019.

Founding member and vocalist Rob Van War has issued a statement with regards to the re-birth of ATTIKA:

"We are very excited to have this opportunity to work with PSR. ATTIKA will be bringing you new music in 2019 called "Metal Lands". The new album will feature Rob Van War on vocals, Glenn Anthony on bass, Bill Kraweski on guitar and Jeff Patelski on drums. Until then, we know you will enjoy the re-release of "When Heroes Fall".

ATTIKA are also confirmed for the HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR FESTIVAL in Brande-Hornerkirchen, Germany in July 2019!

Of course more details will be forthcoming. In the meantime, please join us in welcoming and congratulating, ATTIKA to the Pure Steel Roster.


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