Astral Cloud Ashes Release New Single

It's a dystopic vision set in 2020 New York. A man who's been told constantly to get himself out to New York in pursuit of success, where all others have found it before him.

I think of the song as set in the very last days of what 20th century author Ayn Rand called the "Unmentionable Times of the distant past." in her 1938 futuristic sci-fi novel "Anthem"

the lyric "I can hear a scared Ayn Rand" references how I imagine Ayn might react to 21st century evening TV news broadcasts, she was such a dissident, I think she'd be hiding behind the sofa to be honest.

sincerely aware of the dangers of collectivism, Rand touches on some profound territory in "Anthem"

the two main characters, ostracised from a highly controlling and collectivist society of the future, climb through a forest into the mountains and discover an intact yet untouched house from the distant past. While reading books from the house's library they discover the word "I" which blows their minds!

they basically rediscover individuality and give themselves new names of their own choosing, replacing the 'barcode resembling' names they were assigned at birth by the State, there are definitely parallels to Orwells' 1984.

"Get Out to New York" was written/recorded in Jersey and mixed with Chris Hughes at Oscillate Studios in Knutsford (near Manchester) in late 2018.

Chris (Hughes) has produced numerous "Electro House" and "Breaks" tracks under the name Groove Allegiance and extensively toured in the UK with them; but his varied engineering skills have also seen him work alongside established UK guitar based acts such as The Courteeners and  Babyshambles (Pete Doherty – The Libertines). The song's artwork is by Alexey Chistikov and Antony Walker - It's a post-modern urban parody of Grant Wood's iconic "American Gothic" [1930]

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