Alukah Drops New Single "Occam's Razor" From New Album Due Out Spring 2020 - LISTEN

Photo Credit: Jeff Novosel

Southern Maryland's Alukah have just dropped their newest single "Occam's Razor" which is the first song the band is sharing from their upcoming album "Descending" due out April 2020.

"Occam’s Razor is based on the idea that we all point fingers to our problems but aren’t willing to look in the mirror and see that the root of most of our issues come from our own actions. I’m hoping that people will just be able to relate to it in their own lives and see the changes they can make to bettering themselves, as well as just enjoying a heavy fast paced track!" Said frontman, RJ Bunda. Listen to the song on Spotify here.

Fans can expect a deeper look into the darkness of mental instability and health paired with incredible riffs and solid breakdowns in "Descending".

"We’ve tried a few new things in this album too musically so hopefully the fans will be accepting and enjoy it!" Stated RJ.

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