Agouti Drops New Single - LISTEN

Even in the diverse do-it-yourself San Francisco music scene, local psych-rock band Agouti stands out. Singer/songwriter Carmen Caruso built her own instruments. She built her own studio. And, through Agouti, she built her own sound: eclectic and wildly unrestricted, nodding knowingly to generations of psych and 70’s hard rock.

Drawn from a dream Caruso had, new single “Dragons” sees her envisioning being able to fly away from anything, escaping from the turmoil below in a visually-drawn metaphor for anxiety. Upbeat and melodic, Dragons stands out for its syncopated patterns and bare synth interludes, riding a three-and-a-half minute high that carries listeners through with its lighthearted message.

Drawing sounds and ideas from artists ranging from Pink Floyd to Tame Impala, Agouti’s sonic disposition is thick and irregular, breaching walls of synth noise with guitar, catchy lead lines, and rhythmic bass, tied together with Caruso’s light melodies and cathartic vocal stylings.

Listen to Dragons below or stream on Soundcloud.


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